Kundan Sets for Beauty And Opulence

8Indian jewelry is an embodiment of opulence and beauty and it is made in a wide variety of patterns and designs. Best Kundan sets are a very important part of the Traditional Indian bridal jewelry that depicts matchless talent and skilled craftsmanship. These sets are made in intricate patterns and heavy designs that are done in precious and semi precious stones and are considered as the symbol of royalty. These are designed are made by experienced craftsman who brings forth innovative ideas and new designs for a complete makeover of a girl or woman. It is generally made in kundan gold and silver and is studded with precious stones like ruby, emerald and many other stones.

The true essence of kundan sets lies in the procedure with which these precious and semi precious stones are placed on the kundan. It requires cutting holes for placing the stones or gems skillfully. These are placed on the kundan precisely and there are many precious stones that are enamalled in these jewelry that includes sapphire, garnet, jade, rock crystal, amethyst and topaz. The base material which is needed to make kundan sets are known as lac or a liquid secretion. ThenĀ  gold is jewerllry for covering the stones and the lac for making the set.

It is an exquisite jewelry that is also used for adorning the bride. These sets are made in a variety of designs and colors as these elegant sets can match any kind of bridal outfit. These sets include mang tikka, Gold plated bangles necklaces, bracelets and Diamond earrings. These sets are considered as a classical masterpiece with intricate patterns and designs that lays down precious gems and stones beautifully. The popularity of

kundan sets is due to it royalty and aesthetic values. It also blends very well with all Indian and traditional jewelry for outfits like sarees, lehenga cholis and salwar suits as it blends Indian attire excellently.